No Trump No Republican Party

Like him or not that’s it. People like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney or Chris Christie say that if there were no more Trump they could go back to the old Grand Old Party. The party of Reagan is over. George W. Bush and Dick Chemey destroyed it.

Against his father’s advice he got us involved in the Iraq war. There were never any weapons of mass destruction. I never understood how America got involved in a Muslim, Sunni and Shiite conflict! (We replaced Saddam Hussein a Sunni who ruled over a Shiite population.) After three days when we say there were no WMDs why didn’t we leave?

In the 2007-2008 financial crisis, the banks were going broke, the stock market went down 50% and the housing market was wrought with foreclosures. He was in office for eight years and did not see the impending disaster.

It was the worst Republican administration of my lifetime. The American electorate was so angry they voted for Barack Obama, the first black president.

Obama was a great liberal president. He passed the Affordable Care Act. The Climate Action Plan. Obama proposed a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for the world to follow. He allowed children who were born in America by illegal parents to remain in America. The liberal Senator Barack Obama chose to be his vice president was none other than Joe Biden. It doesn’t get any more liberal than that.

When Donald Trump was president, America was in a good place. The economy was strong, the stock market was up, the migrant situation was stable, everybody had a job, the world was at peace, Hamas was laying low, the remain in Mexico policy was working, more products were being made in America and gas prices were cheap. Doesn’t that sound good?

Joe Biden has made this migrant situation untenable. Our cities have become a war zone. They attack the New York City Police. They burden the economic resources of our local and state governments. Have you tried to rent an apartment lately? Or buy a house? That dream is slipping away.

What Republican could replace Trump?. I don’t see any. I think if Trump loses it will be the Democratic Party for years to come. This is an important election.

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