The Royals With Harry & Meghan

Royals With Harry & Meghan

I watched some of the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan. They said that certain people in the Royal family were wondering what their son Archie’s “skin tone” might be.

The history of England is a combination of two peoples, the Saxons and the Vikings. It doesn’t get any “whiter” than that!  Prince Harry is the great-great, grandson of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria was the grandmother of King George V and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. They were cousins.

Before they called themselves the House of Windsor, they were the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. This is a German name. They changed their name to the House of Windsor in 1917 because in WWI they were at war with Germany.

“Edward, Duke of Windsor and Wallis Duchess of Windsor visited Nazi Germany in June 1937 to inspect German factories. They dined with high-ranking Nazis such as Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goring, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Albert Speer and had tea with Adolf Hitler in the Berchtesgaden.” 1.

“In late August,1619, 20-30 enslaved Africans landed at Point Comfort, today’s Fort Monroe in Hampton, Va., aboard the English privateer ship White Lion. In Virginia, these Africans were traded in exchange for supplies. Several days later, a second ship (Treasurer) arrived in Virginia with additional enslaved Africans.” 2.

Now! Does this sound like somebody in the royal family might be racist?

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