I don’t care if Donald Trump pays his taxes. I don’t care if he inflates his properties when he’s trying to get a loan and then deflates them when declaring income tax. I don’t care if he has secret documents at his house and could care less if he paid a flat backer to keep...
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Twitter Revelations
We have been learning from Elon Musk that the Republican voices were being silenced on Twitter. Remember the Mueller report? How about the Steele dossier? The Democrats were trying anything they could do to stop Republican effort from the top down. Was the 2020 election stolen? Sixty courts looked at this and determined it was...
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After Elon Musk bought Twitter a lot of news has come out about Hunter Biden’s computer, his job in Ukraine his dealings in China and his father’s influence in getting him those jobs. That Joe Biden is a corrupt person and that powerful people within the Democratic Party got Twitter to suppress these facts. The...
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