migrant madness

Joe Biden and the democratic party are allowing migrants from all over the world to cross our borders. A lot of these migrants are entering through Texas. They arrive homeless, and hungry. They get three days in a shelter. After that walk the streets with the clothes on their back and nowhere to go.

I don’t understand this! Why doesn’t Joe Biden or a.O.C. Or Nancy Pelosi do something? I suggested in my earlier post that migrants should receive a drivers licenses, social security cards, and green cards. They could be issued a national drivers license. It would be better than a state drivers license because it would be good in all fifty states. The green cards and social security cards make them eligible for immediate employment. They immediately become hard working, honest and tax paying citizens. The democrats are always complaining about wanting to collect more taxes. If migrants had real jobs, they would pay taxes. The dem’s have both houses of congress. Why not pass legislation that would enable this? If we’re going to allow aliens into our country, why not treat them with the dignity they deserve as human beings? The democrats aren’t very good to them!

What do these governors supposed to do? The migrants have used all the available (local), resources. The governors offer them a bus ride to a northern sanctuary city or state that has other benefits. That sounds reasonable.

Now, attorneys are getting involved in this. They see a possible dollar sign in suing these states for manipulation, cruelty, dehumanization, and not informing the migrants of the difficult situation they will encounter at their new destination. Another political game of chess.

From my point of view both parties, republicans and democrats are the same. The republicans only want them if they are vetted in their own countries first. The democrats allow them to come here but when they get here receive almost no support.

What difference does it make if they sleep on the streets of Caracas, Juarez, Port-Au-Prince or Houston? Aren’t the streets all the same? Is sleeping and defecating on a downtown curb in Huston or New York any safer? I’ve lived in other countries and I don’t see this as an upgrade.

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