$1,650 A Pill

Two weeks ago I had a chest infection and my doctor prescribed an antibiotic. He gave me six pills the drug manufacturer gave to him and gave me a prescription for the rest. When I went to fill the prescription, the pharmacy told me the cost would be $9,000 dollars.

I have no prescription drug insurance. So! Out of curiosity I called all the big drug insurance companies and none of them would cover it.

I called the company that makes this drug and they gave me a price of $1,650 a pill which is much higher than the pharmacy.

I asked them what about if you are poor, dying and need this drug. They said they had a program for the poor with the following guidelines. 1. It must be an approved FDA diagnosis. 2. It must be on their companies “List of Approved Diagnosis” 3. Anything exceeding 14 days would not be covered. 4. Can’t exceed 50% of the Federal Poverty Program. 5. They want a copy of my 2022 federal income taxes.

I called social security and they said that this wasn’t on their list of drugs that they cover and referred me back to the company.

Even if you were willing to jump through all these hoops, by the time you did you would be dead.

The customer for this drug has to be Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, Joe Biden or any millionaire. They would go to the pharmacy, fill the prescription, put their credit card in the machine and pay the $9,000 dollars.

The rest of us can just die. The system isn’t made for the poor, it’s made for the wealthy. Look at the poor of the world! Most can’t get clean drinking water let alone medicine.

With artificial intelligence they will come up with and anti-aging drug. Do you think they will let the common man live to be 150 years old and look like he’s 40? I’ll let my readers answer that one.

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