Twitter Revelations

Twitter Revelations

We have been learning from Elon Musk that the Republican voices were being silenced on Twitter. Remember the Mueller report? How about the Steele dossier? The Democrats were trying anything they could do to stop Republican effort from the top down. Was the 2020 election stolen? Sixty courts looked at this and determined it was not. But silencing opposing voices on social media is just as bad as manipulating the vote as far as I’m concerned.

What about the 2000 Bush vs. Gore election? The election was determined in Florida where George Bush’s brother Jeb was governor. How would anyone know the legitimacy of that election? I think it was stolen!  I Can’t prove it!

All I know about this one is that the people of America were so mad that they voted for Barack Obama an African American President and they did it twice.

What about the 1968 election? Didn’t Nixon resign from office because he broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters and got caught?

What about January 6th 2020?  No matter how horrible a political party may have been cheated our democracy depends on the peaceful transfer of power. Trump knew he was cheated and he didn’t want to do it!

How long will our democracy survive? As world populations increase will the value of a human life decrease? If the answer to that question is yes, dictatorship is soon to follow.

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