Brittney Griner for Victor Bout


The Biden administration has a constituency of voters in the LGBTQ community that they represent. Let’s not forget that fact. Joe Biden as president of the Democratic Party should (if he is a good leader) be the spokesperson or figure head of that group. The Democratic Party is a liberal thinking group that want to include these people under their tent. So! This was a calculated decision based in politics that was a great deal for the Democrats.

For Republicans this was a terrible decision. We allowed an international terrorist, a man with a history of providing advanced military weapons to any group of people that help Russia. In other words, Russia would fight proxy wars against America through Bout.

How effective Victor Bout could be after 14 years in prison is debatable and Republicans are making the argument that he would be the same old piece of shit, Victor.

At the end of the day all political decisions by either party are based on what they think will allow themselves to remain in power.

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