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We’ve heard about climate change and the relationship with fossil fuels. The argument is that the burning of fossil fuels ignites a chain of events that is responsible for the earth heating up. As the earth heats up we see the melting of the polar ice caps, the rising of sea levels, the greater intensity of storms, and the greater probability of drought which leads to famine and additional forest fires. There’s more to be said here but you get the idea. Science doesn’t know this for sure.

But! I’m going to argue that this is true. That man will eventually transition to a clean form of energy. What that energy might be is open to discussion. At present America is moving to electric vehicles, hydrogen, wind and solar to solve these problems.

The problem is that the world is a long way from establishing any of these things. Where are the charging stations? These car batteries only run for about 300 miles. How about our ancient power grid? How long will that take to build?

In 2021 we saw 4.5 million homes in Texas go without power because of storms. We are years away from this kind of transition. The cost of electric vehicles makes them unaffordable to the common man.

Why then do the democrats torture us by not granting permits which would allow for the greater production of fossil fuels? It’s stupid. The gas prices are strangling me. I don’t want to spend $30 to fill my tank. I like spending $20. This is punishment and we don’t deserve it.

On top of all that we are no longer energy independent. It wasn’t long ago that Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia and “begged” the crown price to pump more oil.

It’s causing inflation. Let’s face it! Right now, the world runs on gasoline. If you make the price of gas high it will cost more to transport and guess what? That cost will be passed down to you and me.

The democrats are smart. The mid-term elections are only two months away. Joe Biden has eliminated the 18 cent federal gas tax and has been pumping the “crud” out of the strategic reserves. This has brought the price of gas way down.

No matter who wins after the mid-terms he’s going to stop this pumping and the 18 cent federal gas tax will be re-instated.

A republican vote would stop this insanity, at least where gas prices are concerned.

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