I Don’t Care if They’re Corrupt! But Can They Run My Country?

I don’t care if Donald Trump pays his taxes. I don’t care if he inflates his properties when he’s trying to get a loan and then deflates them when declaring income tax. I don’t care if he has secret documents at his house and could care less if he paid a flat backer to keep her mouth shut about a sex capade. I don’t care that his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared benefited from the Trump presidency.

In the same breath I don’t care if Joe Biden paid a diplomat in Ukraine or China to get his son a high paying job. I don’t care if his son spent the money on drugs and prostitutes. I could care less if Hunter Biden paid his “fair share” of taxes. I don’t care that they found secret documents at one of Joe Biden’s houses. I don’t care that he helped his son Hunter.

All I care about is if they can run my country! I live here! I’m an American! They’re all corrupt. The money, the power, the influence, and the sex, it’s just to much to resist. We don’t elect saints. They’re just people. Men and women like you and me.

I liked the Trump presidency. It wasn’t perfect but our borders were secure. Trump wasn’t letting them in. I don’t see that Biden is giving them anything. Our gas prices were cheaper when Trump was in office. Now when I go to get gas I’m destroyed. Trump had these oil companies drilling everywhere and they were going broke. Biden restricted their exploration and now their ringing the register.

Let’s not forget foreign policy. The Biden Presidency has undoubtedly changed that. I’ll leave this question up to my readers.

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