Wherever There’s Power You Have Corruption


After Elon Musk bought Twitter a lot of news has come out about Hunter Biden’s computer, his job in Ukraine his dealings in China and his father’s influence in getting him those jobs. That Joe Biden is a corrupt person and that powerful people within the Democratic Party got Twitter to suppress these facts. The Republicans are screaming that if that information were released Trump might have won the presidency. Well maybe, maybe not.

What we have here is a devoted father who had power and wanted to help his son. Is that new? Did not Donald Trump help his daughter Ivanka, and her husband Jared. Did they not profit along with the rest of Trump’s children? Or course they did!

It’s corruption! Just different political parties but the same shit. They both want to make money, help their kids, and then trash the other party for doing the same thing. Been going on for thousands of years.

It looks like corruption is always going to be part of any political process. I just want to be able to vote for the party that will be best at getting the things I believe in done.

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