I’ve never seen so many problems, so many court cases, everything is being done to this man. He’s got the Stormy Daniels trial. What are we talking about here? A problem with some flat backer was trying to get money out of him. Who cares? Then it was some woman who said he grouped her. How many years ago? And she’s getting millions out of this. But the big money is this case in New York where they want $400 million in legal penalties for his bad business practices and they want to take away his ability to operate any business in that state. This is because he may have manipulated the prices of his real estate empire. I wonder how many real estate owners do that as well?

I liked Trump! We have a migrant crisis in this country. Did you see that migrant beating the crap out of that New York policeman? What’s this green new deal doing for America when China is burning coal in their factories? Electric cars might be O.K. in the city. But their expensive and not practicable on a long trip.

When Trump was in office North Korea became less aggressive, and so was Iran! Countries were afraid of him because he was unpredictable. Even Russia and China were laying low.

The “wild card” is Roe vs. Wade. If he prevails in every obstacle before him it doesn’t matter! Let’s not forget that “no good deed will be left unpunished.” This decision will keep him and every other Republican out of the white house. You’ve got to give women a choice and come election time women that would’ve never registered are going to the polls to vote Democratic. You’ve got a winner Mr. Biden! But of course you knew that.

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