Auto Insurance the Parasite

Auto Insurance the Parasite

Why do we have to buy this stuff? When I was young only rich people had it. But the owners of these companies lobbied and lobbied until every state eventually complied. I’m from Missouri and in 1988 I went to see a dancer in Denver, Colorado to ask her if I could have her hand in marriage. She said she found a rich, and powerful attorney but thanked me for my offer.

As I was leaving the police set up a sting where they alcohol tested everyone leaving the club. Of course, I tested negative since I don’t drink and drive. The officer asked me for my proof of insurance I said I had none. He told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back because I was under arrest for not having auto insurance. I was taken to Adams County Jail and processed on a Friday night.

On Monday morning they let me out on my own recognizance with a court date. Because I live in Missouri, I went to the office of the prosecuting attorney and told him I live a thousand miles from Denver, that Missouri had no such mandatory insurance requirement and have no plans to return  but would like a resolution that day.

He thanked me for my honesty and said he would sentence me to 30 days jail. He would give me 3 days credit for the time I was in custody, and a suspended imposition of sentence for the 27 days with 1 year of summary probation. The meaning of this is that if I were to commit no other crimes within that 1 year the 27 days would go away. But if another crime was committed, a warrant for my arrest would be issued and I would have to stay in jail and serve 27 days.

When I lived in Nevada, I had a girlfriend and she got 60 days in jail for having no auto insurance. Nevada is a tough state. Only a parasite would do that to a person.

I live in Florida. Florida is a no-fault state. This means that if there’s an accident nobody is at fault. Sounds great! doesn’t it? Not so fast! Unless someone admits to being at fault or someone is obviously impaired, the police will not write a ticket and if they don’t write a ticket the insurance company is not going to pay anybody. Unless somebody has collusion insurance. (Which in Florida is astronomical)

About 4 years ago I had an accident in a community that was mostly black. The other driver was black and the 2 policemen were black. The police said we didn’t have to make statements, so I didn’t make one. A week later when I looked at the report I was charged with the accident.

The pictures showed damage to my car that was not there! I took pictures of my car and emailed them to my insurance company. When the other driver tried to collect from my insurance company, they refused to pay him. When I called his insurance company and emailed them the grossly inaccurate police report their answer was “we never believe the police reports.”

There are 12 no fault states. Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah. That’s 12 states where unless you have purchased collusion insurance, they don’t pay anyone!

Are we really a free country? We serve these parasites! They live off us! They charge outrageous prices and when we refuse to submit, they incarcerate people.

I can allege that these insurance companies hire lobbyists that bribe or pay off our congressmen and senators. But I can’t prove any of this!

It’s just like the Mafia. The only difference is that one is legal and the other is not.

I would like to think that at the very end there will be a judgement for these bastards. Because they were so tough on us down here. For it is written that the weak will be strengthened and the strong will be made weak. Servants will be masters and masters will be made to serve. If your heart was on the earth your reward will be in the earth. These people are predators! Why would they prevail?

Unless of course you don’t believe any of this stuff. In which case I would advise you to indulge in every fantasy. Deny yourselves nothing. It doesn’t matter cause it all ends at the grave.

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