Joe Biden a Presidential Disappointment

I initially thought Joe Biden would make a good president. That he would reach across the isle and work with Republicans. Not so! His open border policy seems like an attempt to dilute the Republican base, thereby “printing democrats.” I don’t like it! It’s destructive! These migrants have wrecked the budgets of our cities. Many are violent and will commit crimes to support their existence here. The Trump remain in Mexico policy was a better answer.

Our exit from Afghanistan failed to extract all Americans as well as Afghans that befriended us. Oh! I forgot to mention the millions of dollars or armament that we left for the Taliban.

The environment is important for every American but too much emphasis has been placed on electric cars. Their expensive, range bound, and senseless when China is burning coal in their factories.

Joe Biden will turn 82 on November 20th. If he can finish his presidency, he will be 86. Kamala Harris has less experience than Joe. This experiment has failed. It’s time to vote for Donald Trump.

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