Roe Vs. Wade and How It Changed America

Roe Vs. Wade

Be careful what you wish for! For years the Republican Party wanted votes from the religious right. Through careful manipulation by Mitch McConnel and Donald Trump conservative judges were accepted to the Supreme Court and incredibly, the 1973 decision Roe vs. Wade was overturned. I don’t care if it’s rape, incest, if the mother’s life is at stake, or if the father is no longer present. This decision allowed states to make it illegal and punishable by time in jail!

This decision handed the Democratic Party a win in every election for years to come. Who cares about the border, or even high gas prices when you’re ready to do jail time.

Forget about Donald Trump, January 6th, or Ron DeSantis! What about the midterm elections? As far as I’m concerned, until this decision can be resolved no Republican need apply. One could argue that the Republican’s took the high ground. Yeah well, the high ground is not always the winning ground.

Remember what happened last election cycle? Biden and the Dem’s were down in every pole. Guess what? A month before the midterms Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden got that bucket of “ice water” and extinguished all that Republican fire. HA! The Republican’s lost the Senate and barely kept the House of Representatives. Who could have ever predicted that?

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