State of the Union

The speech was nothing more than a campaign stump speech. But that’s okay, because it’s politics and he can say anything he wants. It was a great night for Biden. He was prepared, alert, and confrontational when he had to be. Anyone who thought he was no longer competent to lead this country can now put those thoughts in the trash.

The problem is that the policies are not the result of his being in “space” but he really believes in an open door policy on immigration. This strategy is to saturate America with migrants thus building a coalition of democratic voters.

But these unvetted migrants are killing people, attacking police, and bringing drugs into our country. The governors, and the American people are screaming at him as his poll numbers fall to the floor.

Our exit from Afghanistan failed to extract all Americans as well as Afghans that befriended us and millions of dollars of armament was left for the Taliban.

Americans are feeling pain at the grocery store, gas pump and rents have skyrocketed. The dream of owning a home is becoming a mirage.

Before his presidency Jimmy Carter was considered the worst democratic president in recent memory. That distinction is now held by Joe Biden.

But there’s hope for “Old Joe.” It’s that in (2022) the Supreme Court ruled that the “Constitution of the United States does not confer a right of abortion.” 1.

If Joe Biden and the Democratic Party can make this election about abortion rights and NOT that people can’t afford food, the gasoline prices are high, rent is outrageous, and many won’t be able to afford a home! Then they will have a winner.

  1. Wikipedia Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization. 6/24/2022

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