Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness

The colleges and universities are “pigs.” They’re at fault for this! When they started this student loan program universities started raising the tuition. Once you open that student loan door it’s like using “crack” The first couple of hits are pretty good but try and get clean. Not so easy. People have these loans for the rest of their lives. They can’t buy a house, they pay more for a car loan and getting other forms of credit is difficult because you have all this outstanding debt. A “monkey” you can’t get off your back.

These universities? They make so much money! They not only make money off of tuition but when people die, they leave money to their old Alma mater. Latin for (nourishing mother). A good university will have a great football team. Another endless cash cow and the athletes they don’t make a dime. They finally let them make money off their images.

Here’s the real problem! In the olden days it was considered good if you had a high school education. College was something reserved for the wealthy. In this circle of wealth and austerity, the colleges believed that these people of refinement needed to have a “well rounded education.” This meant courses in the arts, history, civics, English, and foreign languages.

That might have been good a hundred years ago but not in today’s world. In the twenty-first century people have their backs against the wall. The cost of living is a fortune. Students must to take two years of this crap and pay dearly for it.

Why don’t the universities eliminate these worthless courses? Why should it matter that an accountant, doctor, engineer, scientist, or business major have this heavy burden?

I’ll tell you why! Money! At $50,000 a year it’s an extra $100,000 in the university’s coffers. The universities are not going to economically castrate themselves so the students get by on the cheap, and that’s why I call them “pigs.”

Let’s get back to the student loans. Is it fair to those who paid their loans? No. Is it inflationary? Yes. Should we forgive them? Of course!

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