Roe Vs. Wade
Be careful what you wish for, that’s an old saying! For years the Republican Party was advocating that abortion was murder and that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. Through careful manipulation by Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump conservative judges were accepted to the Supreme Court and sure enough the 1973 decision Roe vs. Wade...
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Abortion Apocalypse
There are no winners here!  These children will be born to mothers and fathers that don’t want them. They’ll grow up to be drug addicts, gangsters, whores, psychopaths, cursed children. The Republicans aren’t winners! They got what they wanted, at least they think so. They were annihilating Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats in the...
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In 1973 the Supreme Court made abortion legal in America.  That decision allowed a woman the choice to keep the baby in the womb or have that pregnancy terminated thus killing the baby.  On the positive side mothers would not have to go to some back alley “doctor” if he really is a doctor and...
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