Sanctioning Russia is a Mistake

Biden placed over 500 sanctions on Russia in response to Navalny’s death. All this does is to bring Russia closer to our enemies. Iran, North Korea, and China.

Putin has his problems, so does Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Xi Jinping of China and Ali Khamenei of Iran.

Slapping sanctions on Russia especially over Navalny, only strengthens Russia’s relationship with our adversaries. If anything, we need to stay out of the way they handle their dissenters.

Navalny made a play for the leadership of Russia. He thought he could be like Nelson Mandela and build a coalition from his prison cell. But Vladimir Putin was not F.W. de Klerk the leader of South Africa, and rather than grant him freedom he may have had him executed.

So what? We live in a world with other leaders who have different histories, different types of populations, and different ways of governing their peoples.

Who are we to know what’s best for them? We have homeless people shooting up drugs and living in boxes on the streets of San Francisco.

China would scoop them up and send them to a gulag. Now they would be productive and sober.

We have migrants that attacked a New York City policeman. Russia would put them in prison. The judge in New York released them all without bail. Crazy! The Russian system is better.

Putin had a problem when Hillary Clinton in December 2011 when she said that Russia’s voting results were dishonest and unfair. She had no right to say that! It started unrest in his country and caused Putin to sabotage the election of Hillary.

America needs to adopt a policy of respect for other cultures and peoples that are different than ours. Saying things like Russia is an “evil dictatorship” is counterproductive. I don’t see how this serves America.

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