Brittany Griner and Drug Sentencing Laws

I don’t understand why Biden and others are coming down on Russia for harsh penalties for drug possession and drug smuggling. She got nine years for bringing a small amount of hash oil into Russia that was in her vaping cartridges. This is a light sentence.

Light sentence? Hey! When I was going to college in Florida in 1968 you could do five years for a roach. When I lived in Nevada you could do fifteen years for possession of marijuana. You could do twenty years in Texas and Arizona was another tough state.

I remember when I was stopped by Las Vegas police for some traffic thing and the cop found a small pipe and marijuana container that someone left in my car that was completely empty. He threatened to scrape the bowl and have me arrested. I told him that I just got a job at a casino and part of the hiring process was a drug screen. I pleaded that I would have no problem taking a drug test right then to prove that I was not using. When he heard that he let me go. I never wanted to spend fifteen years for some stupid thing so in the late 90’s I moved to Amsterdam where it is legal.

If we’re such a liberal country why don’t we let these people out of jail that got harsh sentences years ago and are still serving time? She made a mistake. It’s easy to do. But it was drug smuggling and Americans always need to be aware of laws in other countries they are traveling to.

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