Brittany Griner and Drug Sentencing Laws

I don’t understand why Biden and others are coming down on Russia for harsh penalties for drug possession and drug smuggling. She got nine years for bringing a small amount of hash oil into Russia that was in her vaping cartridges. This is a light sentence.

Light sentence? Hey! When I was going to college in Florida in 1968 you could do five years for a roach. When I lived in Nevada you could do fifteen years for possession of marijuana. You could do twenty years in Texas and Arizona was another tough state.

I remember when I was stopped by Las Vegas police for some traffic thing and the cop found a small pipe and marijuana container that someone left in my car that was completely empty. He threatened to scrape the bowl and have me arrested. I told him that I just got a job at a casino and part of the hiring process was a drug screen. I pleaded that I would have no problem taking a drug test right then to prove that I was not using. When he heard that he let me go. I never wanted to spend fifteen years for some stupid thing so in the late 90’s I moved to Amsterdam where it is legal.

If we’re such a liberal country why don’t let these people out of jail that got harsh sentences years ago and are still serving time?

She made a mistake because she had her head up her ass. I am making this harsh statement so my fellow Americans will be careful about what prescription medicines they intend to bring into other countries. My advice is that if you are on a pain killer that is narcotic don’t bring it in. If you really need it go to a doctor in that country and have him prescribe it to you. If that doesn’t work and you’re in that much pain maybe you shouldn’t travel.

Sad to say that marijuana in ANY form is illegal in Russia and since she was bringing it into their country, she was arrested for drug smuggling. This is a serious charge as opposed to a simple possession of up to 6 grams of cannabis (or 2 grams of hashish) is considered an administrative offense and is only punishable by a fine or detention of 15 days. 1.  Sorry, Brittany.

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