Abortion Apocalypse

Abortion Apocalypse

There are no winners here!  These children will be born to mothers and fathers that don’t want them. They’ll grow up to be drug addicts, gangsters, whores, psychopaths, cursed children.

The Republicans aren’t winners! They got what they wanted, at least they think so. They were annihilating Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats in the polls because of high gas prices and the inflation. But now angry women of color who normally don’t vote in mid-term elections might come out in droves and vote Democratic. If this happens the Republicans will be listening to the “woke” liberal, and socialist agenda for years. Not winning.

How about the Judges like Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch?  In their confirmation hearings didn’t they make statements to the effect of “Roe vs. Wade” has been the law of the land for fifty years and is thus a precedent that we will not overturn. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have indicated that they lied during their confirmation hearings and thus should be impeached. Not winning!

It’s amazing how political winds can change. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party otherwise under dogs to win in the House of Representatives, the Senate or another Presidential Election could possibly win all three, pull off the “Hat trick” and stay in the White House another four years. The American people? Not winning!

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