Two State No Solution

“The Hamas attack on 7 October involved an estimated 3,000 militants breaching the Gaza barrier and attacking Israeli military bases and civilian communities. As of 5 March, over 31,000 people (30,228 Palestinian and 1,410 Israeli) have been killed.”1.

When I watch television, I hear Israelis talk of gang rape and sexualized torture involving mothers in the faces of their children.

Again, when I watch television, I see indiscriminate carpet bombing, starvation, and attacks on hospitals of innocent Palestinians.

One would think that an operation like this took months to evolve. According to Wikipedia about 1.79 million Palestinians and around 20,000 Hamas militants live in Gaza.

Under these circumstances, somebody out of all these people must have known something of the impending carnage. Why then wasn’t Israel warned? Especially if a two-state solution was a goal.

If I have information of somebody loading a bomb on an airplane, do I have any responsibility to say anything? And if that airplane falls out of the sky, do I face judgement from my God or society for my failure to warn?

That’s why I say there can be no two-state solution. This war is to the death!  This is a war between two Gods. One thing is for sure. Whoever this God is he will not share his kingdom with any other Gods. He will destroy all non-believers. The unfaithful will be put to death as the gates of hell open. We look forward to being in his kingdom.

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