Biden’s Open Border @ Domestic Terror

It’s a scary thought but these people coming to America have not been completely vetted. If he really cared about them, he would’ve given them green cards. Then they would’ve had a chance to succeed. This is cruel because now what are they supposed to do? They have needs, like food, clothing and a decent place to live. Some have families. A good percentage of them will have to turn to a life of crime and I can’t blame them.  Can they speak English?

In the 1920’s America had Jewish, Italian, and Irish immigrants who became gangsters. Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Albert Anastasia, Meyer Lansky, and John “Legs” Diamond to name a few. Look at the mayhem they created!

The Biden immigration policy has been a failure. I realize he tried, but he just wasn’t the man for the job.

Donald Trump is the man for the job. I can only pray that he will get the chance to do it.

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