Election Foreplay

With the mid-term elections around the corner both parties are positioning themselves to provide a favorable outcome for themselves.

The Republicans are limiting the number of places where people can vote. These places are located in mostly white districts. The idea here is to make minority people travel longer and into white areas to cast their ballots.  They must have proper identification and are not allowed to be given food or drink while they wait.

An interesting new development in election manipulation is a process called re-districting. With a computer you can study where concentrations of voters live. If you take a concentration of minority votes and expand areas of white voters into those areas it has the effect of diluting these minority votes. This attempt is made to keep minorities from wining individual districts and it is the compiling of district after district that makes for election victory. Very unfair!

How about the Democrats? By opening up the borders they have made a decision to pad the ballot box with every Haitian, Mexican, and Central American. When I watch the news, I don’t know how many of them speak English but they all say that Joe Biden says it’s O.K. to come across. All these people appear to be Democrats. They get free health care in some states like California while other states have sanctuary cities where they won’t have to worry about being deported back to their own countries. Very unfair!

As far as I’m concerned, I believe a country without boarders is not a country and that bringing migrants into America without a vetting process is dangerous. It’s inflationary and in a pandemic has a tendency to import virus.

A liberal Democrat would say we’re a nation of immigrants, no reason to deny them entry, and that the Republicans are only trying to bring back Jim Crow.

It’s no surprise that each party is doing what they can to remain in power and each is guilty of corruption. In your opinion which party is most culpable?

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