If I Had the Power – Covid-19

Texas, Mississippi, Arizona, Missouri, West Virginia and Florida have opened up their states to full 100% capacity. There are people who will not under any circumstances wear a mask. Our beaches are crowded especially in Florida where college people are having spring break. Other beaches around the country are crowded as well.  Now that we have effective vaccines there are people that refuse to take them. Migrant children from Mexico and Central America are assembled and crossing our boarder demanding asylum.

President Biden says that by June 2021 all Americans will have vaccine available and “herd immunity” would be achieved. Studies of vaccinating children are being reviewed.

If I had the power, I would order any immigration from our southern boarder to stop. We are in the middle of a pandemic and look to control the spread of virus in our own country. Possibly importing virus from third world countries is unacceptable. I would return all migrants and reinstate the Trump policy of making application in their own countries.

With the vaccine rollout, and strict compliance to the science we have a real chance of beating this thing. But if I had the power, I still would not force people to change their behavior or give up their freedom. Doing this is not the American way.

If I had the power, I would open states to 25% capacity. This would include bars and restaurants and then only outside. Sporting events would be at 25% capacity and only outside. When not eating or drinking wearing a face covering would be required. Places like grocery stores or shopping malls that allow people to enter without a face covering would be forced to trespass these people or face a fine. Enjoying our beaches would be reserved for people who can provide evidence of vaccination. People caught without proof of vaccination would be written an order of trespass by police and if they violate that order they could be arrested.

If we choose not to have people arrested a citation would be issued under I.R.S. form # abc123 and turned over to Internal Revenue Service. This violation would result in the loss of any stimulus checks.

It would be like having proof of auto insurance. Back in 70’s few people had it. Now if you don’t have it some states will have you incarcerated! When driving in Florida without insurance your driver’s license will be suspended. If you’re  driving under a suspended license you may be taken to jail.

You see that our laws are a living, breathing thing. Some things that were illegal may become legal and vice versa.

After September 2021 I would require all Americans to carry a card showing proof of vaccination. (This would not be required for people proving that they have a medical condition that will not allow them to be vaccinated). This proof of vaccination would be required for any air travel in the continental United States. Airlines in conjunction with TSA would require this identification before boarding. Passengers coming to America from other countries would still need to show proof of vaccination from their home country before boarding. Without this proof of vaccination, they would be denied entry.

Public transportation in the U.S. would again require showing proof of vaccine along with a bus pass or fare to the driver before boarding.

Businesses would require proof of vaccination before hiring and current employees would need proof to remain current.

The vaccination card in our new Covid world would be the equivalent of the proof of insurance card, that we all must posses when we drive.

Eventually, as virus levels are eliminated, concerts, movies, and sporting events could be attended at 100% with proof of vaccination and without the need of face coverings.

If these goals cannot be reached, variations of the Covid-19 virus will be allowed to gain a foothold in America. It will then be necessary for the scientific community make a super vaccine that will render this virus harmless. If not, the virus will become endemic. New vaccines “booster shots” will need to be manufactured every year and the good old days of going to a football game or a concert like Woodstock would not be without some degree of risk. Welcome to the 21st century.

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