Neanderthal Thinking – Week of March 14, 2021

I realize the Biden Administration is going to undue much of the Trump Administration. That’s why he was elected. The Biden agenda is a busy one. He was successful in passing a 1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus to needy Americans. His top priorities are the vaccine rollout, infrastructure re-building, climate change, expand Obamacare, establish voting rights, and reverse the Trump immigration policies.

Under the Trump Administration immigrants would apply for asylum in their own countries before making the journey to America. When Joe Biden rolled back this policy, thousands of migrants started showing up at our boarder.

The problem is we were not prepared to handle this large influx of people and boarder agents are releasing migrants into our country even though some have tested positive for Covid-19.

With the vaccine rollout the science is telling us to keep wearing our masks, maintain the social distance, and stay away from crowds. Science is hoping, that if we do this, we will have enough vaccine in arms to achieve herd immunity by the end of this summer and avoid the deadly new strains of the virus.

Sounds great!  What about these migrants being released into our country that are covid positive?

Importing virus from third-world countries in the middle of a pandemic has to be “Neanderthal thinking.”

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