Michael Cohen a Woman Scorned

His whole life was inspired by Donald Trump. He loved Donald Trump. He admired Donald Trump. He lied to his own wife to protect his true love Donald Trump. He committed tax fraud to help Donald Trump. He committed bank fraud to help his real lover Donald Trump. He waived some of his normal legal fees for that man in his mind Donald Trump.

This is some really sick shit. But it gets better! Because Trump never gives him a government job. At this point Trump is done with him!

Trump treats him like a used condom. He removes it from himself, throws it in the toilet and flushes it down the drain.

Cohen writes a book called revenge because he doesn’t seem to be able to put this thing behind him. His whole world has been this man.

I believe even at his death Michael Cohen will be looking for Donald Trump on the other side. I don’t know if he will find him, but it sounds like his destiny.

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