Donald Trump Builds the Wall

The problem is that it’s around himself. He is unwilling to accept the results of American election. Especially when the ruling of over 54 courts including the Supreme Court have determined that the results were fair and honest. Doing this, he has by his own words, turned himself into a political pariah.

This ridiculous rant has attracted other like-minded fringe groups. They include a whole gambit right wing extremist and militia groups. I saw one guy with a confederate flag. Then I saw a guy wearing headgear with horns and dressed in skins. He is believed to be a QAnon Shaman. These fringe groups never had a face they could rally around. Now they have one!  This has made it difficult for Republicans because prior to this, Trump was the face of their party. Now what will they do? Continue to hold onto the Trump identity? Will they share it with these fringe groups? Or will they abandon it?

The Trump tirade has been so caustic that the following companies have refused to do business with him. Reddit, Twitch, Shopify, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Deutsche  Bank is cutting ties with Trump and the P.G.A canceled their plans to hold the 2022 Championship at Trumps New Jersey Golf Course. He may face legal challenges in the Southern District Of New York.

I’ve never seen a President of the United States self- destruct the way this president has. Especially when after the courts had spoken if he simply would have congratulated Joe Biden and shaken his hand, he would have made a great candidate for 2024.

Now the wall that Donald Trump promised to complete is finished! The problem is that it is around himself and Mexico is not going to pay for it.

I wrote an editorial called Donald Trump Unhinged and suggested that Nancy Pelosi impeach Trump. I am happy she did this. I hope that she will not forward this impeachment to the Senate. My thought is that it would only be a distraction and she could not harm Donald Trump any more than he has already harmed himself. Joe Biden needs to hit the ground running. Please give him the space to do it.

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