Donald Trump Unhinged

After losing the election, Trump was convinced that the election was “rigged, that dead people voted, that ballot boxes were stuffed, that people had voted more than one time.

He has every right to contest the election by seeking the judgement of the courts, which he did. I googled Wikipedia and found that 54 actions were filed and all were dismissed. The courts had spoken. Joe Biden was President-elect of the United States.

Last December I wrote an editorial on America’s corrupt elections. I googled “list of political scandals in the United States” and came up with 101 pages of scandals and corruption.

The next two paragraphs will give examples of two elections that had problems. The first Kennedy vs. Nixon because of fraud. The second Bush vs. Gore because of poorly constructed   voting machines.

Kennedy vs. Nixon 1960. Sam Giancana and his Chicago crime syndicate (the mafia) were able to influence Mayor Daley’s powerful political machine to push Kennedy over the top in Illinois. “Three Chicago election workers were convicted of voter fraud in 1962 and served short terms in jail.” 1. Nixon knew he was cheated but rather than take any further action he capitulated.

Bush vs. Gore 2000. All votes were counted except for Florida. Florida had a butterfly ballot that was so confusing, that votes intended for Al Gore went to Pat Buchannan. The ballot construction was so poorly organized that votes could not be completely verified. The case went to the Supreme Court and the ruling was 5-4 against Gore. Al Gore knew he was cheated. but like Nixon he caved.

Both candidates served as Vice President of the United States for eight years and knew enough generals to launch a military coup and make a play for the White House. Especially, when each one realized that they were cheated!

Neither one did. The reason that they each walked back into private life was that they loved their country. That the peaceful transfer of power is an idea created by our founding fathers that was greater than themselves. This democracy with its peaceful transfer of power has always been a beacon of light the world.

Without it, why bother with elections? A strongman can take power by force and stay in that position for life. The only way to get rid of him would be by armed conflict or assassination. Sounds like a page out of the Putin playbook. Or we could have a military junta. That’s a government led by a committee of military leaders. How about having a King? They always had names for these guys like Charles the Benevolent or Ivan the Terrible.

The 2020 election was an honest and fair election. Fifty-four courts including the Supreme Court reviewed it and agreed.

The problem with Trump is that even if he’s right he’s wrong. Remember a peaceful transfer of power is our beacon of freedom, any less and we’re just one more “banana republic.”

What happened last week January 6th 2021 is being called the Trump insurgency. Five people died one was a Capital Police Officer. There was vandalism, looting, theft, violence, breaking and entering, all serious crimes. This was a mob. What happened to peaceful protest? These people were thugs not patriots.

When I watch a George Floyd protest and I see arson, destruction of private or government property, or stealing, I hope that everyone involved would be caught and face justice because a thug is still a thug his color doesn’t matter.

Weather or not Trump had anything to do with the riots on January 6th 2021 will be hard to prove and the fact that he will be out of office by the time articles of impeachment arrive makes this a worthless gesture. Hopefully the people involved in the vandalism, looting, theft, and violence will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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    After the 2020 United States presidential election, the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump and others filed and lost over 60 lawsuits contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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