Robb Elementary Massacre

I believe when you live in a free society like America the people should have as many rights as they can. We have second amendment rights and I see no reason that we should lose them. I fear that if we lose them what other rights would we lose? First amendment? Fifth amendment?

We have a problem in this country! With 350,000,000 Americans there’s always some psycho that buys an automatic weapon and kills a random group people. This time it was children, last week it was a racist attack in Buffalo NY. It’s going on constantly.

I suggest that we place a ban on anyone buying an automatic weapon as a first-time purchase. A first-time purchase would allow the applicant to buy any hand gun, rifle, or shot gun. After one year without incident that person could apply to purchase an automatic weapon. Gun owners who already have weapons they purchased at least a year ago would qualify to purchase automatic weapons.

This is not a perfect answer! The idea is it allows the system to screen out people who get crazy one day, buy and automatic weapon and go to war.

There’s a left wing idea that we eliminate all guns in America. They say America it’s too violent with all these guns and no nation has as many guns as we do. That sounds great! But why don’t we take away guns from all the criminals first and then we can work on the honest citizens.

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