America Taps Out

When you’re fighting in the cage and your opponent is beating you within an inch of your life your given the option of tapping your hand against your opponent, tapping your hand on the canvas or giving a verbal “tap out.” When this happens, the referee will step in and separate the fighters.

The problem is that The Taliban, al-Qaeda, Isis, and Isis-k are “enemy combatants.” They don’t fight in a cage. They like to fight in Afghanistan. That’s because they have a base of operations from which they can export terror to any part of the world.

We were that referee and now that referee is going to be the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Isis-k or the terrorist of the day. After we leave behind a cache of weapons, will these terrorists turn away from their draconian rule and become benevolent hosts to their new nation? It doesn’t seem likely. Establishing Sharia law is exactly what I believe they intend to do. Sharia law is their war against Satan. U.S. soldiers left behind will be treated as infidels and slaughtered.

After 20 years of war Joe Biden felt that this was enough. It had to end. America was wasting its time and resources on a war that he felt we had won. We assassinated Osama bin Laden, eliminated terrorist attacks from al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and set up the first Democratic elected government under Ashraf Ghani. Mission accomplished! Our exit was met with difficulty. None the less it’s time to quit spending our money and do nation building here in America.

I have argued both sides of this issue and will leave it up to my readers to express themselves by voting on what was the best policy decision.

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