President-Elect Joe Biden A Different Drum

My friends ask me who do I like? Donald Trump or Joe Biden? MY answer is “there is no perfect president”. There are things about all these people that I like and some things I don’t like. I like Donald Trump. He lowered corporate taxes, he brought back jobs to America. He stood for the second amendment. He was tough on immigration. America was divided in 1619 when the first slave ships arrived in Virginia, but Trump never did anything to soften that divide. Why do we have borders if we’re not going to protect them? He finally realized that threating Mexico with tariffs was a better way to protect our boarders than separating parents from their children, which is cruel. I didn’t like Obama Care. It was too expensive for the average working person but we have to have something and Trump never came up with a Republican plan. Joe Biden has a plan to build on Obama Care and to offer a public option that would resemble Medicare for certain individuals.

Trump is a Laissez-faire capitalist meaning that business should make policy and not the government or Joe Biden. Are we going to let people just die? Or let them crowd the emergency rooms as they did before the Affordable Care Act? I believe that if business makes all the decisions you have a corporate dictatorship and that leaves to many people out. If you tax the rich and give all their money to the poor, it’s not sustainable. When the rich run out of money, they can’t provide the jobs and then the government has to provide the jobs and that becomes a dictatorship.

The two sides could not be further apart. There must be compromise between these two parties for this democracy to work. Trump wanted to be tough on China, calling them out for unfair trade practices, stealing our intellectual property and imposing tariffs. Joe Biden would do none of these things and the stock market is loving it. It’s the perfect climate for business. They have the policies Trump put into place, a congress that’s not likely to retract any of them, and a president elect that wants almost business as usual with China. Looks like a great time to buy and hold good quality stocks. A great moment for capitalism. If Trump would have handled the Corona Virus with truthfulness, the wearing of masks, the contact tracing, and the procurement of personal protective equipment he would still be the President of the United States. But masks are like condoms, some people just won’t wear one! No matter how filthy the situation, and without worry of pregnancy, it’s not going to happen! I liked Donald Trump. But during the Pandemic we needed a candidate that would simply wear a mask. If I get sick, I’m not going to get Regeneron or Remdesivir. I’ll die like a dog in the street. I therefore want my President to simply wear a mask and I think that a lot of Americans felt this way. That’s all we wanted. You refused to do it. Joe Biden did it and that’s all he did other than talk about how he was going to raise our taxes and increase the size of our government.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for all that you did accomplish. Good luck to you Joe Biden I hope that you have a successful presidency.

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