China: Axis of Evil


China was always a great civilization. When the rest of the world was throwing spears at each other they were inventing gunpowder.1 The wars of unification produced armies of up to one million men. The number of battles from ancient times to modern number in the hundreds.

“When there is not enough to eat, people starve to death. It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill.” 2. Mao Zedong Chinese Communist party leader from 1943-1976.

In 1989 there were pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square. When protesters wouldn’t back down the Communist Government ran them over with tanks and fired on them with live rounds of ammunition. With a population of 1.4 billion people it is governed with an iron fist. There is no room for debate or disobedience. Things are done for the good of the state and the good of the state is thought to be for the good of the people.

This Corona virus was initially thought to have happened because someone ate as horse shoe bat at a Chinese wet market. Now we’re hearing that it was being studied at Wuhan University and a person came in contact with it, became infected, went to a wet market to meet a boyfriend, and spread the infection. Who really knows! Anything could have happened!  What if? They discovered the virus was spread by human to human contact, and it would be in China’s best interest to let the world become infected with it. Why not?  Trump has been putting pressure on them with new trade deals, tariffs, and then bragging how our economy is being strengthened by this new inflow of cash. I bet that behind the scenes they’d like to strangle him. Even if Trump loses the White House, they have crippled our economy and retired our workforce. Great for China. It’s the correct play.

One thing is for sure, they didn’t want to tell us and they knew we would be devastated without this information. It’s like if you ran over a pedestrian and didn’t call 911. Too bad we can’t arrest them, but how do you arrest a behemoth?

Along time ago our country made a deal with the devil. A deal that would allow our corporations to make goods in China. A China that would allow these corporations to avoid paying higher wages, that had no labor unions, no OSHA requirements, no sexual harassment or racial discrimination lawsuits, and without environmental or waste proliferation concerns. In return our people would benefit with the opportunity of owning cheap products and goods.

The years passed, our factories closed and the people working in them were laid off. Meanwhile, the Chinese people came off their farms and worked in the factories as we did at the beginning of our industrial age.

China’s first nuclear weapons test took place in 1964. Here is a partial list of Chinese nuclear weapons from Wikipedia. Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles, Medium Range Ballistic Missiles, Short Range Ballistic Missiles, Land Attack Cruise Missiles, Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles. 3 (well rounded.)

China is currently a signatory of the Biological Weapons Convention and Chinese have stated that they have never engaged in biological activities with offensive military applications. “China was reported to have had an active biological weapons program in the 1980’s.” 4

China has a very advanced space program to include: The building of a space laboratory and space station. In December 2019 China landed an unmanned rover to collect samples from the moon and return. This mission was accomplished. 5

China has a Deep Space Exploration Program. This program will implement the following: Mars Global Remote Sensing Orbiter and Small Rover (HX-1) planned for launch in July-August 2020. Asteroid Exploration Mission. This is proposed for launch in 2022-2024. Mission goals include, asteroid flyby observations, global remote sensing, robotic landing, and sample return. Mars Sample Return Mission (HX-2). Launch date 2028-2030. To probe the planet’s origins, geologic evolution, and sample return. Jupiter System Exploration Mission. Proposed launch date around 2030 and arrive Jupiter around 2036. Mission goals include orbital exploration, and study of magnetohydrodynamics in the Jupiter system, and investigation of Jupiter’s atmosphere and moons. 6

In the Satellite group, China has ASAT satellites. These are space weapons designed to incapacitate or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes. On January 11, 2007 the PRC successfully destroyed a defunct Chinese weather satellite. 7 The ability to detect and destroy satellites is essential in modern warfare.

Earth observation satellites. This category may be divided into two groups. The first can look at environmental changes, climate changes, land use changes i.e. deforestation, forecasting weather, tracking wildlife trends, managing energy, fresh water, or agriculture. The second are Reconnaissance satellites, these are intelligence satellites, commonly known as spy satellites. These satellites are the same earth observation satellites, only with military intelligence applications.

The next group of satellites are the GPS or Global Positioning Satellites. The Chinese call their system BeiDou Navigation and expect to have 35 satellites in orbit by 2020. The expected system will compete as an alternative to the United States owned Global Positioning System. “It was claimed in 2016 that BeiDou-3 will reach millimeter-level accuracy with post-processing.” 8 It is therefore the most accurate Global Positioning Satellite in the world. China has built an infrastructure in the sky.

Astrophysics research will include a launch of the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope in 2017. This X-ray Telescope will observe “black holes, neutron stars, active galactic nuclei and other phenomena based on their X-ray and gamma-ray emissions.” 9. Wikipedia

In 2024 China is planning to launch the Heavenly Cruiser. This is a space telescope. It will feature a 2-meter diameter mirror, and is expected to have a field of view 300 times larger than the Hubble Space Telescope. 10 China will be ahead of the U.S. in telescopic space exploration.

All of the information I have in this article is obtained from Wikipedia. That means I have very little up to date intelligence. Yet I was able to gather quite a bit. In my little world, if I had to judge which country is more advanced, I could make the case for China. We have nukes! But they have launched satellites of reconnaissance, satellites of destruction, and positioning satellites that rival ours. In war they could disable our strategic satellites and leave our military virtually blind. We wouldn’t be able to launch “dung”.

Does this sound like a country that is afraid of us? The fact that China knew they had a person to person transmission of a deadly virus and held that information from us is an act of war! They knew how much it would wreck our economy, and devastate our workforce. They had to figure that even though we “might” out nuke them, they still have a sizeable number of nuclear warheads, and with their ally North Korea and their more sophisticated satellite system they know we could not risk a nuclear exchange or any threat of war. The Chinese played this beautifully. We’ll moan, and jump around but we’re not going to do anything.

Besides they make everything we need. And U.S.  corporations like doing business there. I had a factory in China back in the 90’s making rotational blow molding for toys. They’re great to work with! They’re respectful and fantastic problem solvers. I liked my agent and the cost of making these items was a 20th of what my prices would have been here in America. Corporations don’t have a country. They just want to make money so transitioning out of China will be difficult.

We need to start making all essential military, pharmaceutical and rare earth metals here in America. High tech companies would be compensated to return here or look toward India or other possible friendly nations for relocation. The transfer of intellectual property to China is national suicide. There should be no more students from China being allowed to attend our universities. We have enough spies. Chinese immigration should be scrutinized and possibly eliminated. The military needs an upgrade with emphasis on satellite technology, artificial intelligence, a better Hubble telescope, and a larger budget for NASA. We must strengthen our relationship with Europe, as this attack also targeted the West. The decisions we make now will determine if and for how long we can ward off a military confrontation with the East as the next war may be hemispherical.





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