Apocalypse Corona Virus

Corona Virus

Last December the stock market was at an all time high. The unemployment rate at 3.5 % was the lowest in half a century and now we are facing a global pandemic with a virus that has no cure and will kill a percentage of our population.

In response our government has put this country on almost lockdown that we may not spread this disease to others as our hospitals would not be able to accommodate patients showing up for care at the emergency rooms. Without this care many would die.

America is now out of business. First it was a travel ban. Then everything started to close. The schools, the movie theaters, the sports teams, the casinos, the restaurants, the bars, everything. The stock market is crashing and corporations are on the verge of bankruptcy. Thirty percent of the people will be out of work, crime will be rampant, people will be sleeping anywhere they can, the housing market will implode.

In December 2019 the Trump Administration was facing a presidency coming up for re-election. At the same time Chinese doctors notice an outbreak of pneumonia cases in one of their cities. When China was poor there was an old expression that said, “if it has four legs and it’s not a table, it can be eaten.” Some jerk at one of these markets ate a horseshoe bat, and got sick with corona virus. As the disease started to spread the Communist government thought they could handle it and didn’t want to be embarrassed by the admission. In effect they did a Chernobyl on America and the world. Trump was caught off guard. Who wouldn’t be? We’ve never seen anything like this before. He initially believed China when they said there was no human to human viral spread, but when the science contradicted this lie Trump issued a travel ban for China on January 31. 2020 which has saved lives.

At the same time the Trump Administration has been terrible for the Chinese. He has called them to task on unfair trade deals and imposed strict tariffs on their goods. He has called them out for stealing our intellectual property, and has taken their jobs away and returned them to America. What could be worse? I would bet that behind closed doors they are not very happy with him. A Biden Presidency would be less costly to them and keeping bad information from America  allows them to save face and possibly provide a candidate more to their liking.

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