Never Before in History

If the 2024 presidential election were held today, I believe Trump would overtake Biden. The problem for Trump is that the election is not being held today and   he’s facing four criminal indictments.

The criminal indictments are: “March 2023 indictment in New York 34 criminal charges of falsifying business records in payments made to Stormy Daniels. June 2023 federal indictment in Florida 40 criminal charges alleging mishandling of sensitive documents and conspiracy to obstruct the government in retrieving those documents. August 2023 federal indictment in Washington D.C. Trump faces charges of conspiring to defraud the government and disenfranchise voters, and corruptly an official proceeding. This case involves January 6, U.S. Capitol attack. August 2023 indictment in Georgia, in which Trump faces 10 criminal charges related to alleged attempts to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia.” 1.

Having said this, I believe it’s impossible to handicap or predict the outcome. If he does win, he said he’s going to pardon all those people that have been put in jail and those with impending charges. He says he’s not going to help any European nation that is not paying their fair share of 2% and he says he will encourage Valdimir Putin to invade those countries that do not. He said he will give Israel anything they want. He said that he will stop the invasion at our borders. He will roll back car pollution rules and wage a war on drug cartels.

More than anything else Joe Biden plans to overturn the decision the Supreme Court and restore Roe v. Wade if elected. He will continue with the programs he started in 2020.

I am not putting any money on the outcome of this election. I bought the magic 8 ball I had when I was a kid and I will refer to it anytime I have a question.

  1. Wikipedia. 3/25/23 to 8/24/23 Indictments against Donald Trump.

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