Mass Shootings Will Never End! Why?

In 1607, English men established the Jamestown Colony after King James the 1st.  In 1619 the White Lion an English privateer ship brought and sold the first slaves in the Jamestown Colony. “There were over 20,000 plantations in America before the Civil war and 45% of them had 20 to 30 slaves.” 1. Early America was built on the Shackle and the Lash.

“The Indian Removal Act was signed into law on May 28, 1830 by President Andrew Jackson.” This law has been referred to as an act of systematic genocide because Indians were forced to leave their ancestral lands and move to Indian Reservations. 2. Some Native American Indian tribes were sophisticated peoples. That said, they realized that a portion of our American Patriots were nothing more than criminals!  Their assumption was correct! “The British Empire considered America a Penal colony and sent 50,000 convicts the majority landing in the Chesapeake Colonies of Maryland and Virginia.” 3. When we won our war of independence, the Indian tribes that sided with the British were now our enemies. We couldn’t send them back to England!  So, we decided to either send them to prisoner of war camps or kill them.

“During the Colonial wars, bounties were offered for the heads of Indians.”4. The problem was that the bounty hunters would come to town with a wagon full of heads. This was disgusting! Little kids and their families were grossed out! It was decided that scalps would be taken instead. Most these scalp hunters were fur trappers anyway so the pelt of a Beaver, Fox or Indian, would be gathered in the same way. The bounty of $25 per scalp was generous and considered an honest living.

Tombstone Arizona, Deadwood South Dakota, Dodge City Kansas, Virginia City Nevada were some of the great cities of the wild west. These were places with plenty of whisky, gambling, and prostitutes.

Men would travel west to start mining for gold or silver and all they had was their gun, a horse, a pick axe, and a pan.

Wright or wrong, the American History is one of independence.  The American People enjoy freedom like no other nation in world history.

Part of this history is owning a rifle or gun. It meant life or death to the settler.

Now we have too many! These mass shootings have become a real horror show.

Our problem is many of these shooters pass background checks.

I recommend we close all the gun stores. No more gun shows. I would allow people who lawfully own guns to keep them. People who have illegal firearms would get 15 years in prison. Honest citizens would keep their 2nd Amendment rights.

As long as I’m closing businesses, I don’t like smoking. Cigarettes kill millions of people each year and in the interest of public health, I would close them.

What about the tech companies? Some people say they invade out privacy. Let’s sanction them!

Do you see where this is going? We live in a free country. Would we close gun stores because of bad behavior by a few psychos?  Cigarette companies don’t force people to smoke. They warn people not to smoke. If people don’t like a certain platform, people can choose not to use it.

How much government intervention do we want?

In the 1960 we had 180,000,000 Americans. In 2020 we have 331,002,651 Americans. I bet the number of doctors and lawyers in 2020 is greater than it was in 1960. I also bet that the number of serial killers and mass shooters is greater in 2020 than in 1960. That’s the way it is. As population grows you have more of everything. You have more doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers. You have more psychopaths, serial killers, and mass shooters. Unless there’s some radical intervention the pattern will simply continue.

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