Two America’s

There’s no country like America. We are the first and maybe the last country in the world, to attempt laissez faire capitalism. In this   economic system transactions between private parties are absent of any form of government intervention. Although we don’t practice this in its purest form America is the economic leader of the world.

There’s no country like America. We have the best of everything. Anything you could possibly want is here in America. You like the Mountains? We have the Rockies, the Applications, the Ozarks, the Sierra Nevada’s. You like to ski? We have it! Vail, Breckenridge, Jackson Hole, Big Sky, Squaw Valley, Tahoe, Aspen. You like to go to the beach? Take your pick! We have Miami Beach, South Beach, “topless” Palm Beach “beautiful” Myrtle Beach, Orange Beach, Alabama “white sands” Waikiki Beach Hawaii, Venice Beach, the Jersey Shore. We’re the best. You like the theatre? How about Broadway? Movies and television? Try Hollywood. Like to go to the park? Yellowstone and The Grand Canyon sound great? America has 62 protected areas known as National Parks. What about sports? I like watching my favorite football team on a Sunday. Or a Monday or a Thursday. I like going to baseball games and basketball games and hockey games.

Your career opportunities in America are endless. Our free market system, along with our colleges and universities will allow any person no matter the lowness of his birth to become anything he has the talent and the desire to be. Yes! There are expensive universities. But the junior colleges and the state college system offer quality education and are reasonable. Nobody said it was going to be easy. But when you have an idea, America will allow you to grow that idea to a potential that is offered nowhere else. Talented? Welcome to America! This country was built by the talented and the self-motivated. Do you like money? And the things it will buy? Your American birthright was a lucky one! It’s the lottery you hit when you came out of the womb on United States soil. This ticket you own, is cashed by your hard work, and desire to prevail. Don’t go astray! And this country will reward you. You will drive the best cars, live in beautiful houses and wear fine clothes. Get sick? You have the best hospitals and medical care in the world. Oh! I forgot to mention good food. This is capitalism. This is a free market society. This is America 2020.

What about people who make wrong decisions? They go to college and major in nothing. They graduate $100,000 in debt. They get a job delivering pizzas and sell crack cocaine on the side to make ends meet. How many people would carry auto insurance if they didn’t have to? I dated a girl who didn’t carry auto insurance in Las Vegas, and the judge gave her sixty days in jail. She did all sixty. What about the inner-city kid who has no father his mother is a prostitute his brothers are in gangs? You like his chances? What about a man who has a good job and has kidney disease. He didn’t buy insurance and now he’s going to die because he has no money for treatment. Or you failed a drug test and somehow you got into a database and no one will hire you. How do you like America now? How many people get paid on Friday and are broke on Monday?  If you lose your job your six weeks away from repossession of your car and three months away from foreclosure on your house. They are the also rans, the wannabes, and the never-was. I wonder how many Americans fall into this category? If you fall into this group one thing is for sure! The Republicans are not going to give you a free lunch! They will give you a job! Donald Trump and his Republican Party has unemployment at the lowest levels in half a century. When I lived in Las Vegas I met a gambler who was always out of money. I asked him “why don’t you just get a job?” His answer was “why should I work and be busted when I can be busted and not work? This does make sense, and if this is you, you’ve got to be a socialist. Socialism is going to eliminate your student loan debt, let you have a free college education, give you almost free healthcare, eliminate all your past due medical bills, and housing for all. Socialism is going to this by taxing the rich. Well they can afford it! How much money do they need anyway? Can you imagine what the stock market and the economy would be like if we actually did this? But who cares? Socialism is going to give you something for nothing and Donald Trump and the Republicans are not. Remember it doesn’t matter what happens to the country if your drowning in debt, stuck in a dead-end job or your dying of some disease because you have no money. Under a socialist system the country would be in much worse shape but you would be in much better shape and that’s what counts. Right? Right! These are the Two America’s.

In a perfect Democratic-scenario all borders would be virtually eliminated and with the influx of third world people the electorate would change and a socialist state could prevail. In a perfect Republican-scenario the borders would be protected and the free market capitalist society we live in would be intact.

If the disparity between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots continues to widen, we might again revisit socialism.

Which America Would You Like To Live In?

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