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Donald Trump Presidency

Highlights of the Donald Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is one of the most complex and brilliant presidents we have had. He has done and said things no other president done and is changing the world by doing things that all other presidents were afraid to do. He has no fear. He shoots from the hip and when that doesn’t work, he changes direction with a new plan that will allow him to get what he wants.

Trump is a Republican. Inside and out! Everything he does is what the Republicans have been wanting to do for years. Conservative judges (CHECK). Lowering corporate taxes. This was long overdue and has leap frogged the stock market to record highs and lowered unemployment to the lowest levels not seen in at almost a half of a century (CHECK). He is re-negotiating bad trade deals. This took guts. At least we have a president that has some (CHECK). He’s trying to get the European Union to pay their fair share in their own defense. Long overdue (CHECK). Tough on immigration. Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Computer Programmers, Chemists, and Rocket Scientist’s only. All others need not apply. This program was started by Ronald Reagan and is about competence, not color or creed. Trump is simply carrying the mantle. If you want to open our borders and let everybody in, vote Democratic (CHECK). Tough on abortion. A real pro-lifer. Had United States Embassy re-located from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. This should consolidate votes from Jews, conservatives, and the religious right (CHECK).

He promised to get a Muslim ban because of the Boston Marathon bombing and the terrorist attacks in Europe. This initially was not allowed but he did get a travel ban. He just wants to keep us safe. I like it when my President is trying to protect Americans. You don’t agree? Vote Democratic (CHECK).

On the world stage I believe he has done as good as can be expected. He tried to engage North Korea and that went nowhere. But no president dating back to 1950 has been able to solve this problem either. Kim is not giving up his nuclear weapons! There is no reason for him to do so. Especially when China wants there to be a buffer zone between the South Korea’s Democracy and Xi Jinping’s communist dictatorship. North Korea is China’s “Junk Yard Dog.”

He was criticized for not taking a stand against Vladimir Putin in Helsinki when he asked and Putin denied, having anything to do with meddling in the 2016 election. What was he supposed to do? Call him a lying son of a bitch and start pouring water down his nose? He was being diplomatic, by not antagonizing the situation. Well played!

He was criticized for pulling our troops out of Turkey and abandoning our friends the Kurds. Remember, another of his promises was to keep America out of endless wars. The Kurds have been wanting Kurdistan since the end of World War One. We cannot commit to this cause, and we are leaving. He is criticized for not having the temperament or the wisdom to be a world leader. Our last two presidents George W. Bush allowed America (A Judeo-Christian Country) to become involved in Muslim Shi’ite, Sunni conflict that began in 632 A.D. with the death of Muhammad. This happened when he invaded Iraq and replaced the Sunni government of Iraq with a Shi’ite president. When Bush realized that Saddam had no WMD’s why did he not just leave? What Up George? The next President Barack Obama drew a line in the “chemical sand” of Syria and when it was breached did nothing. Putin seizing the moment, sent his troops into Syria and said that he would assure Bashar al-Assad would destroy his chemical weapons. The world was thankful that Putin could “save the day.” Shame on you Barack. These decisions are so ridiculous they make Donald Trump look like an elder statesman.

The Donald Trump Presidency

Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives and acquitted by the Senate. This involved a phone call where Trump asked the President of the Ukraine to help him investigate former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in a job where Hunter received large amounts of money to serve on the board of directors of Burisma a Ukrainian Gas Company. Trump ran on the premise that he would “drain the swamp.” Washington is a very swampy place and he was simply fulfilling a campaign promise! His indictment was partisan as was his acquittal.

Donald Trump is criticized for being a liar. This “serial Liar” has kept all of his campaign promises. I like it when my President will do the things he says. That way I vote with confidence and know what to expect. All promises have been kept except one. He said he would repeal and replace Obamacare. Thanks or no thanks to John McCain for this one. This is the Big Gorilla in the room. Rich or poor, life or death. How do we exclude anyone? How do we pay for everyone? This issue will determine the winner of the 2020 election.

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