Gun Control and Driverless Cars

This week we had a horrible domestic attack on innocent people attending a concert in Las Vegas.

It was perpetrated by a psycho who wounded over 500 and killed 59 people thus far. He did it with a cache of weapons and ammunition, including 20 rifles, some of them assault rifles, and over 1500 rounds of ammunition.

Every time we have one of these massacres the conversation turns to the old argument over gun control. One side says we need to keep our second amendment rights. They are a part of America. The other side says there are too many guns. We need to get rid of them to stop the violence and the mass shootings. The answer is that “DRIVERLESS CARS” will resolve the issue.

In 2005 there was a hurricane near Sebastian Beach Florida. This area is known as being a place where Spanish treasure ships had run aground and I thought I would rent a metal detector to look for silver and gold coins after the storm. The manager of the store that rents these detectors told me that for more money he could rent me a detector that would be specific for gold and silver.

I also enjoy reading science and technology magazines. I was reading an article that “ Thru Visions T5000 security Imaging system uses passive tera hertz imaging technology to reveal concealed weapons in both stationary and mobile objects at a range of up to 25 meters” New Atlas an on-line magazine 3/11/2008.

That’s it! They will have one of these sophisticated metal detectors in every driverless car. Today you enter an address on your cell phone GPS and when you press ENTER you get a map of your route and a voice giving you directions. In the future you will enter your intended destination address into the dashboard mounted GPS system and by pressing ENTER or START the vehicle will engage and take you where you want to go.

At that time this metal detecting system will know if and how many guns are in the car and the amount of ammunition if any. If these guns are not registered to you, the doors will lock, the windows will roll up, the police will be alerted, and will come out to arrest you.

If the weapons are properly registered each state may have ordinances or guidelines as to when, where and at what times weapons may be carried in a vehicle. Weapons transported one at a time and to where will be monitored. Remember: DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE IT IS NOT A RIGHT.

Driverless cars will eliminate the idea that a psycho will get into a car with one or more guns registered or not and enter the address of a bank, church, hotel, concert, disco, casino, etc. and expect to get anywhere but jail will be a thing of the past. Nobody will have interfered with our second amendment rights, American’s will be able to keep guns in their homes and go to specific locations and hunting spots to use them and the public will have gun control.

I believe that future technology will resolve issues which are too complex and divisive for legislature or executive branch to deal with today.

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