Harry, Meghan and the House of Rubbish

Harry and Meghan

Harry’s great, great grandmother was Queen Victoria. She married Prince Albert who was born in the Saxon duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld later changed to Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. These were German people. Harry writes that William and Kate “howled” laughing when he donned the Nazi uniform.

That uniform, and the people who wore it are responsible for the lives of over 60 million people. Does anyone believe that while these people were being tortured, gassed, shot, frozen or beaten to death were laughing?

Harry says that Meghan, told Kate she had “baby brain” and when William found out about it he called her “rude” and “not what’s done here in Britain.”

The problem for Meghan is her “commonality.” These people feel their so far above her. How dare a commoner talk girl talk to a future Queen?

Who are these people? Didn’t Harry’s father King Charles cheat on his wife Princess Diana with Camilla? What was the relationship between his brother Prince Andrew and Jeffery Epstein the child molester?

What a motley crew! Wouldn’t it be great if they would get off their high horses and get jobs!

As I see it, the problem for Harry and Meghan is that this “tell all” book rips the “royal family” apart, and lets the world know what garbage these people really are. So! When they go to a Hollywood party and see stars doing cocaine, or having sex with whoever, are they going to tell the world about it? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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