Joe Biden a Presidential Failure

Not everybody can play major league baseball. Not everyone is a Michael Jordan, or a Tom Brady or a Madonna.  The president of the United States has to be the political equivalent of these great people. He can’t be an “also ran” or a “never was,” but that’s exactly how I would describe Joe Biden. He never was and that’s the problem.

In the last election the Democrats had a problem. The heart and soul of the Democratic Party was Bernie Sanders but Nancy Pelosi the current speaker of the house, understood that his liberal policies made him totally unelectable. They needed a candidate so they dug up old Joe. He was perfect! Everybody knew him, he was an ex-Vice President and had 36 years in the Senate.

It’s amazing how Covid-19 changed and continues to change our world. Because of the virus, the strategy was to just keep him isolated in the basement with a mask on. In the middle of a pandemic, it was exactly what the country wanted to see. He set a great example and by keeping his mouth shut and the liberal news media helped with information about his years of accomplishment and service. The consequences were that an otherwise unelectable candidate got the job. Incredible!

Now that the “rubber has met the road” and he’s in the oval office he doesn’t know exactly what to do. His handlers, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a host of others try and rudder his ship. But policies or not it’s hard to polish a political turd.

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