Neanderthal Thinking-Week of March 7, 2021

This week three women have come forward to accuse Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. I listened to the interviews and these women appear creditable.

The one that seems riveting is this Charlotte Bennett interview where she says he asked her if she had been with older men, does age difference matter, that he’s looking for a girlfriend, that he’s O.K. with anyone over 22, that he’s lonely.

Why didn’t he just come out and ask her if she would ever consider becoming intimate with her grandfather?  If she would have said yes then at least he would have known he had a chance.

The idea of having sex with someone in the workplace is insane. Especially when lawsuits involving sexual harassment can be worth hundreds of thousands or more dollars to the person bringing it. Even more so when the perpetrator is in a position of authority.

That Neanderthal man he has between his legs is causing problems. Maybe, he should have just used a club.

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