If I Had the Power – Immigration

If I had the power, I would allow all the undocumented people (illegal aliens) without criminal records a path to citizenship. I would pass a law that those repeat offenders, with felony criminal records and with history of DUI to remain in America. But only in U.S. prisons. I would make that sentence harsh, say 25 years. That time would be served in isolation. They wouldn’t get to go in the yard and gangbang with their buddies. The idea that people who continually re-enter our country and violate our laws only to be sent back would stop!  The harsh draconian nature of the treatment mentioned above, would send a powerful message back to their homes that we won’t tolerate gangbangers, drug runners, or human traffickers.

I would allow all DACA people to remain here with path to full citizenship because they were born by illegal alien mothers through no choice of their own. Those who have committed the same crimes as listed above would be immediately deported. If they try to slip back in, the same punishment I mentioned before would apply.

I would have responsible immigration to America from all countries. However, that immigration process would be started in their countries. I would place more field offices in their countries so that we could properly process (VET) these people. These people don’t have to be rocket scientists but they can’t be criminals either. The idea of letting them come here and enter our country without this process is crazy.

Immigrants could come from Muslim countries but only by making application in their own countries and when properly vetted.

I would not continue the boarder wall. I read on Wikipedia that there are 170 tunnels along the U.S. Mexico border. Although I can’t testify to the accuracy of this information, I do believe that tunneling is a major problem. I would increase the amount of boarder patrol agents and would slap a 25% tariff on Mexico if they continue to allow migrant caravans to breach their southern border.

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