Neanderthal thinking – Week of March 1st 2021

Last week Greg Abbott the Governor of Texas said that he would open up the state by lifting the mask mandate, allowing business of any kind to operate at 100% capacity. Joe Biden called this decision “Neanderthal thinking.” Biden argued we are on our way to vaccinating all adult Americans two months earlier than previously thought. Joe Biden, your right! All we need to do is be vigilant for two more months and by then enough Americans would through vaccination or previous infection achieve “herd immunity.” Great! Taking our foot off the gas only increases the odds that other variants could take hold and through off the whole program. Then we might need booster shots every year and the covid-19 problem would become endemic.

I saw the Governor’s interview on CNBC and he said that we all “should wear masks” but the mandate wasn’t being enforced anyway so why not just open the economy and let people make their own decisions on how to live their lives. Joe Biden is right! This is “Neanderthal thinking.” That’s like saying our police are unable to control the sale of heroin in our state so we will just decriminalize it.

I realize how hard it is for western societies to give up their freedom. Hopefully with three vaccines on the move we have a chance to contain this thing, but not if we give up now.

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